Living Intentionally

It’s a new year.

A new year full of resolutions and goals.

But mostly the goals.

One main goal for me this year is living with intention. Making the most of everything I do. Living completely in every moment. Instead of thinking about what I should be doing and accomplishing, I will give myself grace and appreciate the moment I’m in. I will slow down.

I will appreciate baby snuggles. Cups of coffee. Laughing children. Movie nights. And so much more.

I will take more photos of these every day memories. Too often the memories I capture are only for my clients. And I love it, I really do. However, this year, I will make sure that there are many more moments collected on film for my family. These are their moments. I want my kids to have something to prompt their future conversations that begin with, “Remember when…….”

Two of my boys were up for a completely impromptu photo shoot. Just for the fun of it. No styled clothes and hair. Just Caden and Bailey. How they are. Right now.

Aaaaand, if you can’t tell who we’re rooting for……………….Go Chiefs!!


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