Bitterroot Valley, Montana│Mama and Me Session

I’ve been lucky enough to follow little Eli through his first year of life. He is now 9 months, and adorable as ever. I mean, seriously, those eyes.

And this guy is always just so happy. 🙂 He seems very laid back and always just goes with the flow.

For this session Mr. Eli brought along his mama and big sister. And I must say, mama and me sessions are probably one of my favorite types of sessions. So often after becoming moms we step behind the camera and don’t often get in front of it again. One day your kids will want those memories of the lady who raised them. This is one of those images that I hope Josie’s kids see when they’re older. I just love the bond it shows between mama and her babies.

Sweet brother and sister moment.

This gorgeous big sister was certainly going to make me work for it. In the end though totally worth it. Such a pretty girl.

And of course, just the girls.

Thanks for hanging with me. Your kiddos are so lucky to have you Josie.



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